Hey Everybody!

I will be taking an indefinite break from writing this blog.  I finished my MBA in Israel, and I’ve moved to India with my girlfriend to work in exports.

I had a great time writing Israel Start-up News, and I learned an immense amount about a wide variety of topics.  It has been fascinating to see how human beings are working so hard to improve our condition every day by creating new treatments for diseases or new ways to eliminate waste without hurting the environment.

Israel in particular is truly exceptional in the vast amount it contributes to technological and scientific innovation, and my respect for that country has grown tremendously.  It is nothing short of stunning that a group of people with such a difficult history and vulnerable security situation can rise to the occasion again and again with innovations that improve the lives of ordinary people around the world.

I hope Israel continues to produce promising start-ups and amazing new technology.  I am not a scientist or engineer, and don’t really have the qualifications necessary to work in a start-up myself.  But hopefully I can make enough money in my own business so that one day I can be an investor in other promising start-up ventures.


Dani Dechter


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  1. Hi Dani,

    It has been a great pleasure reading your news about israeli start-ups. For me your blog was one of the sources for the newsletter I have been writing myself since 3 years now. The newsletter is called ILI News (ILI stands for I Like Israel, which is an initiative started in Germany several years as an pro-Israel advocacy group. The newsletter gives short information about successes and results in Industry, technology, culture, tourism, politik and sports.
    I will miss your blog. I wish you lots of success on your way.

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