Sightix to Debut on Israel’s Shin 1

Webware reports on Sightix, an Israeli startup developing a social network search engine now in beta that takes the identity of the searcher and their preferences into account when performing the search. According to the sight, “Sightix is providing a unique search service specifically to Social Networking Sites (SNS) which filter search results through the user’s social graph. As such, each user’s who search will receive different, individually personalized and relevant results relating to the social entity that they are looking for.”

CEO Ari Gottesmann gives Webware this example: “Say you’re searching for a nightclub. The clubs your friends talk about will get a higher relevance than your friends of friends. It’s much more likely that this ranking will yield results that work for you than searching a general engine that doesn’t give extra weight to your friends’ recommendations.”

The tool is not intended to be used as a destination search page itself, but rather be embedded as a search engine in other social networking sites. The site will be launched May 1 on Israel’s social networking Shin 1.