Foamix to Develop Medical Foam with Galderma

Foamix Ltd., a 2003-founded Israeli developer of dermatological foam medications has signed a deal with dermatology specialist Galderma to develop an innovative dermatological  foam jointly.  The foam will be used to treat atopic dermatitis, a disease which affects about 10% of infants and 3% of the total population in the United States. It’s main symptom is itchy and rashy skin that can spread from area to area.

The development of the foam product will be directed to fortify the skin barrier by delivering a very high concentration of barrier-enhancing oils in an easy-to-apply formulation. Poor adherence to maintenance treatment for atopic dermatitis and parental anxiety about using topical steroids are common features seen among children with atopic dermatitis, and therefore, foams, which do not need extensive rubbing for spreading and absorption, offer an improved treatment modality for this disease.

Foamix CEO Dr. Dov Tamarkin said his company is “very proud to partner with an industry leader such as Ferndale.”  “Foam offers properties that increase usability, encourage compliance and boost user satisfaction. Foamix foams are alcohol-free and they can be designed to provide skin barrier properties, which are crucial for effective atopic dermatitis treatment, while using delicate, FDA approved ingredients, to ensure the safety of the patients.”

Foamix is not backed by venture capital. It was founded with a $5 million from its founders and private investors. The company already has several million dollars revenue from cooperation agreements.

For more see the press release.


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  1. Tropical countries have a increased incidence of skin problems. This technology can help a lot of patients who are dependent on steroids for rash relief.
    Trialmed provides clinical and regualtory support for early stage companies in India, South East Asia and the US.
    Contact: TrialMed Life Sciences, LLC

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