N-Trig Raises Whopping $41M

ntrig.gifN-Trig Ltd., an Israeli technology company founded in 1999 with offices in Tel Aviv, Texas and Taiwan, has raised a whopping $41 million “including $28 million from Canaan Partners, Evergreen Venture Partners, and current investors, a $5 million credit line from Plenus Venture Lending Fund, and the rest in future commitments by investors” according to Globes.

According to its recent press release:

“N-trig’s technology is now being deployed by Dell Computer, with its recent launch of its Latitude XT Tablet PC. Other major brands are expected to announce new products, which raises the bar on the next generation of notebook PCs and other mobile devices currently in development.

N-trig is the creator of the only pen and touch/multitouch solution for today’s computing world. N-trig provides a true hands-on computingTM experience, providing leading OEM brands with new product platforms that help innovate, differentiate, and deliver new user experiences.”

Amihai Ben-David, CEO of N-trig:
“We at N-trig are pleased to add two leading VC funds such as Canaan and Evergreen to the N-trig family. Our global expansion, working with supply chain partners in Asia, and developing new, breakthrough mobile computing platforms will enable us to create and penetrate new markets. Our vision is to leverage our ground breaking technology and introduce new products that are pen and touch input enabled. Imagine the new opportunities for our ODM/OEM partners producing hand-helds, notebooks, gaming devices, and large format platforms all based on N-trig hands-onTM technology.”

Izhar Shay, Venture Partner with Canaan Partners:

“We are very excited to become an investor at N-trig. We believe that the company’s innovative pen and touch technologies position it as a market leader in this fast growing space, and we are happy to see the traction that N-trig is gaining with major computer brands.”

Boaz Dinte, Managing Partner at Evergreen Venture Partners:

The computing user interface is on the verge of a major shift: after using a mouse and a keyboard for many years, the market is seeking an enhanced user experience. We believe that N-Trig’s DuoSense will lead this revolution, positioning it as the premier technology in both tablet PCs and mobile devices.”

For more info check out the full press release.