Orange Launches NewACT’s Mobile Data Service

Partner Communications Company, which operates the Orange cellphone network in Israel, has launched NewACT’s mSync-based suite of services, branding it ‘Orange Forever’, according to the press release.

The service allows subscribers to synchronize their contacts, calendar, pictures, videos and messages between their cellphone and the Orange website. Subscribers are then able to edit, manage and archive their data on the site as well as share it with other users, and restore data in case of a handset upgrade, loss or damage.

Ofir Yaffe, Head of Product Marketing at Orange Israel, said ‘orange forever’ answers a growing need for customers as mobile phones increase their content creation capabilities and continue to take on the role of storage devices.  “Serving as many mobile phones as possible and reducing the time and effort required to introduce new devices are key for our success.” NewACT’s technology “practically eliminates this effort, significantly contributing to service take up and success.”

Rafi Ton, CEO of NewACT added that the mSync suite “provides the most complete end-to-end synchronization, storage and collaboration solution for mobile operators and service providers. Combined with our unique client technology which makes this service available on virtually any mobile device, we believe this service is geared for immediate success.”