Alefo Launches Beta Site

Alefo is a new Israeli startup launched yesterday that wants to replace services such as iGoogle and Netvibes as your personal aggregator. The site essentially allows you to copy your favorite widgets, RSS feeds, and even what it calls “site shots” or pieces of other websites, and paste them onto an ultimate personal homepage.

According to Globes, the company was founded in 2005 and has attracted investors such as Alon Carmel of JDate. It has raised hundred of thousands to date through partnerships with various entrepreneurs, and is currently seeking to raise an additional $3.5 million.

Members of the Alefo team are ecstatic. In the article they claim their product will change the way people surf the net and search for relevant information. “We want to be every internet user’s personal homepage,” says one of the founders.

I tested the service and built my own page, as you can see below. Kinks do exist, like when I couldn’t disengage the pointer from one of the windows. The founders do acknowledge that these will be worked out eventually. While I’m not sure that I would use it in its current form, the service does seem pretty cool.

Alefo aims to eventually use its services in cellphones, where the ability to aggregate your favorite sites and widgets onto one central page can be especially useful. It will raise revenues using text-supported ads like AdSense.


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