Medgenics to Begin Trials of Anaemia Treatment

Medgenics, a biopharmaceutical company founded eight years ago in Israel, is set to begin phase I/II trials of its EPODURE protein therapy by mid-2008, according to a press release. The test will provide data on safety and efficacy and is expected to be approved soon by the Israel Ministry of Health (MoH).

After raising nearly $7 million in its IPO last December, Medgenics is hoping to take on a $50 billion market for protein therapeutics using its unique Biopump, a technology that is made from the “patient’s own skin and is implanted in a simple procedure to work inside the patient’s body, to produce and deliver the active protein steadily over a sustained period” to treat a range of chronic diseases. EPODURE is the Biopump for anaemia.

The protein therapeutics market is projected to grow to $87 billion by 2010, and Medgenics is actively working to develop its Biopump technology to treat other diseases and medical conditions such as Hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

Get additional info in the IPO press release and tech info here.


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