Human Monitoring Teams Up With Kulabyte

Human Monitoring Ltd. is a Tel Aviv-based developer of video and image processing solutions for PC and embedded platforms that uses innovative algorithms and superior DSP engineering capabilities to produce high quality, low cost video products.

The six year old startup has recently teamed up with Kulabyte, a Texas-based developer of advanced video optimization technologies. According to the press release, Kulabyte will use HM’s Matisse H.264 encoder to deliver to the video industry a new Kulabyte H.264 encoding solution.

Chris Gottschalk, CTO and Co-founder of Kulabyte said that “superior encoding speeds and increased picture qualities at lower bandwidths make the Matisse H.264 a natural fit for Kulas product line. Our customers will now have a choice between codec solutions depending on their needs and target applications. Our new Xstream and XPress Live solutions will give web casters and Internet TV broadcasters higher quality live H.264 streaming capabilities over other H.264 products available in the marketplace.”

Dr. Nitzan Rabinowitz, Human Monitoring’s CTO adds that the “Matisse H.264 encoder excels in handling wide range motion, by using an ultra wide frame-to-frame search window of 288×288 pixels. HM’s quantization strategy produces refined processing of macro-blocks according to their video content, producing superior subjective quality at low bit rates at twice the speed of the best PC encoders.”


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