Texas and Cleantech

Startech Early Ventures is trying to connect between Israeli hi-tech and Texas investors, according to Globes.  Similar to Virginia’s Gateway America (which I mentioned in an earlier post), Startech is aiming to help Texas boost trade relations with Israel and capitalize on Israel’s robust growth in the technology sector.

The VC has just hosted the “largest-ever delegation of Israeli high-tech companies to visit Texas” in a series of meetings and workshops held over a three day period.  The Texas government, academics and investors see viable partnerships where “Texan high-tech centers could be an excellent springboard into the US market for Israeli companies.”

Matthew Blanton, Startech’s founder, said the visit “opened the eyes of both sides. Unfortunately, many Texans think that Israel is a big desert full of camels. Texans who have never been exposed to Israel learned from this delegation the fact that if there are any camels in Israel, it does not contradict the fact that it is a high-tech powerhouse and great source of innovation.” 

He added that “large parts of the US that are suffering from prolonged droughts, especially Texas, could become attractive markets for innovative Israeli water technology companies.”

In other cleantech related news, Jonathan Shapira and Gene Dolgin of Israel Cleantech Ventures are hosting the second Cleantech Israel meetup on April 29.  The pair see a lack of government assistance, a paucity of networking opportunities and lots of cleantech-related research in Israel as ample justification for the event.  This meetup will include, among other things, a presentation by co-CEO Alon Tamari of  SolarPower Ltd.  For more info see here.


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