Israeli Startup is China’s #1 Job Site

Two Israel entrepreneurs, Barak Paz-Tal and Guy Rotberg, have officially launched their “multi-lingual job-candidate search site” after running in beta mode since January, 2007 — in China. Aggregating more than 900,000 job opportunities from more than 150 job websites in China, and reaching more than 2 million viewers per month, Meijob has now officially become China’s #1 job site.

According to his blog, Paz-Tal is just an ordinary guy who worked at a mobile phone company and decided to “try something new.” “When we launched Meijob,” he says in the press release, he and Rotberg “thought that there must be a way to search for candidates that put the focus on the employers’ needs and saved time in the recruiting process.” He claims that their platform makes the lives of both job seekers and employers easier by “using the same technology that enables our jobs search so recruiters can search online and find great candidates faster.”

Jason Pang, Meijob’s Marketing Manager said, “China’s online recruitment market — estimated at $102 million — is soaring at 45% a year. This fast growth has created challenges for recruiters”…”Many candidates apply for positions that are not relevant for them. Recruiters have to go through all this data, post ads and register with dozens of sites.” This over-congestion of information is being answered by Meijob with “time-saving, superior [Ajax] technology that provides recruiters with access to great candidates and powerful search functionality.”

Meijob currently has more than 5 million views per month and 500,000 registered users, with over 95% coming from mainland China. Meijob now plans to boost its marketing activity to become a leader in China’s online recruitment market.


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