Bio-Sense Dog Bark Analyzer Raises $0.5M

doggaurdddd.jpgBio-Sense Technologies Ltd. is a Beer Sheva-based company established in 2000 that has created a novel security device called DogGaurd which allows the ability to distinguish between a regular dog bark from one that is trying to register real alarm. The firm, which was incubated at Maayan Ventures, has now raised $0.5 million from the Office of the Chief Scientist and company investors, according to Globes.

Bio-Sense, which has a team of experts specializing in advanced signal processing and biotechnology, is aiming to sell its technology commercially to high-security systems like prisons and power plants. The DogGaurd can be mounted on a fence or wall and connected to the internal security system. By monitoring the dog’s behavior, the DogGaurd can determine whether a real threat or emergency exists.

The DogGaurd is based on advanced proprietary algorithms that monitor the dog’s barking and other sounds to determine the dog’s state and can identify the dog’s natural instinctive reaction to emergency events. No training is required and the technology works on all dogs, regardless of age, size, race or creed.

This interesting technology is successfully in operation at several governmental agencies including the Israeli Air Force and Prison Service, as well as at commercial sites and private residences in Israel. CEO Eyal Zehavi says that in a few years time the market for Bio-Senses devices could be worth up to $100 million.

Check out videos on how DogGaurd works here.


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