Post Copyrighted Pics for Free with PicApp

picscout_picapp.pngUsually bloggers find images for their blogs on Google images, but these pictures are often low-quality and come in limited variety. But PicScout, the Israeli company behind online copyrighted image tracking technology ImageTracker, has now unvieled a new website called PicApp which allows any user to use copyrighted images for free.

How does this work? The images will be accompanied by ads that will provide royalty flows back to content owners or publishers. This non-traditional model of royalty flows will hopefully simplify the process of using high-quality photos in blogs and other personal and/or non-commercial websites.

PicApp stores millions of copyrighted images with thousands more updated daily from Getty Images, Corbis and other image agencies. So now a blog about, say, Britney Spears new pet panda can be accompanied by actual photos of her from this morning’s tabloids.

Eyal Gura, CEO of PicScout says “Bloggers are the new journalists and they can now get great images – and use them legally, with no charge whatsoever”…”Through PicApp, we are providing today’s new media with access to the latest images and an easy way to enrich their readers’ experience.”

PicScout’s headquarters are in San Francisco and its R&D center is in Herzliya, Israel. See the press release for more.


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