British Company Invests In Israel’s Ecotraders

ecotraders.gifBritish fund Trading Emissions PLC (TEP) has recently invested in Israel’s Ecotraders, a greenhouse gas emission trading company founded about seven years ago by former Environment Ministry Director General Roni Kumar and his colleague Adi Dishon. This start-up has grown to a formidable size in a sophisticated market. Here’s what they do in their own words:

“EcoTraders is a global player in the production and sales of carbon emissions on the global carbon market. Our business is to generate and sell carbon credits to provide project investors with revenue from carbon sales and the opportunity to benefit from investments in new technology. We help to mitigate industry and governments’ carbon liabilities through the sale of carbon credits.”

3carbon.gifFrom what I gather Ecotraders is run by a team of highly-educated environmentalists who also have a penchant for big business. Apparently they do most of it in Europe but also manage 70% of Israel’s emissions trading market. Now they plan to pursue high-polluting markets like China and Vietnam. After international agreements like Kyoto, big business has little choice but to figure out how to cut their emissions, and Ecotraders aims to be their consultant.

This great article in Haaretz describes what they do and their aspirations for future expansion.


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