Fixya Raises $6M from Pitango

fixya2.jpgIsraeli-based has raised $6 million in second-round financing from Pitango Venture Capital and Mayfield Fund, both of whom also invested in the first round of financing. Founded in 2005 by Yaniv Ben-Saadon, a seasoned entrepreneur of numerous consumer Internet ventures, FixYa gets more than 6 million viewers per month.

FixYa provides free tech support and technical help for gadgets, electronic equipment and consumer products, and its technical experts advise on fixing problems and provide instructions on proper usage of products either by chat or message posting. It plans on using its new funding to increase ties with Silicon Valley and expand U.S. operations, as well as introduce new features and incorporate third-party applications.

Raj Kapoor, managing director at Mayfield and former CEO will join FixYa’s Board. He says “consumers are dealing with a tidal wave of increasingly complex products at the same time that fewer resources are being committed by manufacturers to customer service and support”…”We are proud to accelerate FixYa’s mission of helping consumers with this reality and the challenges they face as a result. FixYa’s community-based approach creates an efficient marketplace where people can ask questions and get answers to any high- or low-tech problem they may have with their gadgets or other products.”

Rami Beracha, managing general partner at Pitango Venture Capital: “Yaniv has exceeded every milestone he set for FixYa because of his team’s ability to respond rapidly to the needs of the FixYa community. We have good reason to believe that the pace of the company’s growth in the multi-billion dollar consumer-support market will continue unabated as more and more consumers make FixYa the go-to place to get help with their product questions.”

Check this for more detail.


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