CelloTrip Seeks Funding in First Round

cellotrip1.jpgFounded in 2006, Tel Aviv-based CelloTrip uses technology stored in most cellphones to translate text messages into different languages. Simply text the message to the CelloTrip headquarters and receive a message seconds later with the translated text. Like the guys over at onehourtranslation, it seems that some Israeli techpreneurs see translation services as the next big thing.

According to Israel21c, the technology is already working in a number of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic in Israel and other countries where Israeli cellphones work. The company aims to use “street language” as opposed to the formal and awkward translations of some mainstream language guides.

CEO Itzhak Ron says that CelloTrip’s real “killer application” will be translation of online web-based text messaging such as those sent through MSN, ICQ, Facebook and MySpace. Overall his company’s mission is to enable “people all over the world to connect with each other in whatever language they talk. This new technology translates single messages – and we are doing it in such a manner that the performance of the translation is better than other technology out there.”


The CelloTrip translating service, which is offered at comparatively low prices, also allows phone companies to deliver targeted ads to users based on keywords. The Platform can make shopping and dining suggestions or even recommend late-night entertainment.

Ron expects CelloTrip to become a dominant player in business and travel communication services. Currently the company is in its first round of financing and will use the funding to expand its language database, finalize its Instant Messaging product, and further its technological edge. If everything goes according to Ron’s plan the company will be bought by a hi-tech multi-national company in “about two or three years’ time”.


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