Europeans to Use Actelis Ethernet Platform

actelis.jpgAn Israeli telecommunications start-up has signed deals to provide its Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) platform to Swiss-based Cyberlink and UK-based Telent Plc. Actelis Networks, which was founded in 1998 in Petach Tikva but is now based in Silicon Valley, is a leading provider of Carrier Ethernet over Copper™ networking equipment. Its EFM enables telecom service providers and private enterprise to deliver symmetrical Ethernet services up to 100Mbps per customer over multiple voice-grade copper pairs.

UK-based Telnet Plc, which supplies communications support services to various telecommunications operatorsin the U.K. and Germany, has signed a full service partnership agreement with Actelis that allows the company to sell, service, and fully support Actelis Network’s portfolio over copper products.

Yaron Altit, VP of European Sales at Actelis said he is “delighted to be working with such an experienced and professional organization as Telent to supply and completely support our growing number of carrier Ethernet over copper deployments in the region.”…”With its impressive logistics facility in the U.K., complemented by their professionally trained staff, Telent can provide Actelis’ EFM products and services to our larger service provider customers throughout Europe.”

Just one day later Actelis announced that Swiss-based internet service provider Cyberlink will also use its ethernet platform to offer new Ethernet/IP-based voice, video and hosted data services to business customers in metropolitan areas throughout Switzerland.

Beat Tinner, founder and president of Cyberlink said: “The Actelis solution gives us the ability to deliver the higher connectivity and business-class broadband services our customers are requiring to conduct their business more efficiently and economically.” It “provided us with a system that installed quickly, seamlessly integrating into our network and enabling us to reach more customers than we thought possible.”

Ramon Amat, CEO of Cyberlink also noted that “Actelis’ EFMplus technology helps us to troubleshoot older installations quickly, reducing our maintenance costs drastically” and “provides us with a pragmatic approach to upgrading our legacy installations to Ethernet, while future-proofing our network to deliver high-bandwidth applications.”

For the full details see the Actelis press release on Telent and the press release on Cyberlink.


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