Emission-Reducing Technology Start-Up Raises $2M

lextran.jpgLextran Ltd. is an Israeli company formed in 1997 that has developed an emission-reducing technology used in power plants. According to Globes it has just raised $2 million in its second round of financing from US investment company Poleris Energy Technology Holdings Ltd. at a value of $26.5 million. Its value has tripled since the first round of financing in October.

What is it? A “high boiling organic liquid” (named Lextran, incidentally) acts in profoundly complex ways to reduce air pollution (Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Oxide) in industrial installations powered by fossil fuel, i.e. power stations.

Lextran, which is a subsidiary of Ludan Engineering Co., says on its website that reducing air pollution is of profound importance to its mission. New worldwide environmental regulations affecting power plants are probably also important to its mission. Poleris is hoping that Lextran wins some lucrative deals on an enormous power plant in China. Its first client was the Israel Electric Company and it treats a power plant in Romania as well.


4 Responses

  1. plese need more information for my plants air purification –

    thank you Sir

    Dr Zeng

  2. nothing happend –
    ,aybe no company Lextran

  3. lextran = bullshit- no technology

  4. Its first client was the Israel Electric Company – lie, fib, untruth, falsity, falsehood, invention, mendacity, prevarication, tale

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