IBM and Siemens Vying for CTrue

ctrue_logo12.jpgIBM recently bought Israeli storage start-up XIV for $350 million, but according to Haaretz it’s now looking to buy another Israeli start-up, CTrue Ltd. Apparently IBM is not alone in tempting the secretive firm into its giant nest – Siemens also wants a piece of the pie.

But Rehovot-based CTrue, which specializes in three-dimensional imagery and biometric identification based on physiological data, isn’t interested …just yet.

According to CTrue’s business development manager, Shai Yaakobi, the start-up has met separately with both companies and has received initial offers in the $80 million range. But CTrue, which was founded just two years ago, may bet that it can make double or triple that or even more if it plays its cards right.

Check out the Haaretz piece here.


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