Sindolor Develops Painless Injection

injection.jpgIsraeli startup Sindolor is developing a “painless drug delivery system for regular subcutaneous injection using proprietary safety needles based on its proprietary EZject technology” according to Globes. “The product has been approved for marketing in the U.S.”

Sindolor has already “developed a product alled the Auto Injector, a syringe for home use that reduces pain and controls the dosage of the injected medication.”

The startup has raised $1 million with D Medical Industries Ltd. investing $756,000, giving it 57.5% ownership. D Medical, which was co-founded by the controlling investors in Oramed , is an Israel-based medical device holding company that operates through its subsidiaries Nilimedics and J-Sense, both companies that are active in developing treatments for diabetes.

According to D Medical, Sindolor is about to sign a joint distribution deal with a large pharmaceutical company (rumored to be Merck), that if closed may be worth millions of dollars.


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  1. I am lucky enough not to suffer from needle phobia. Given this clarity of mind when thinking about triggers for the anxiety, I realize it can’t be just the pin prick causing irreconcilable terror. Perhaps it is more the atmosphere, foreign looking tools and sinister syringes that stimulate fear and cause panic. In that case I know no child that would happily let a stranger apply something that looks like an automatic weapon to their arm without being stricken with terror.
    Way to go Pharmas, once again making the doctors life a little easier – and completely missing the point.

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