World’s Fastest and Cheapest Translation Marketplace

translation.jpgThree Israeli high school friends formed Three Innovators, Ltd. in a pursuit to quit their day jobs and develop innovative projects for themselves. They now have two which aren’t exactly related:, a website and newsletter (in Hebrew) about financial indices, and OneHourTranslation, a website which allows you to translate anything fast and cheaply. (Two of the founders have advanced biology degrees, which doesn’t exactly relate to either of these websites.)

OneHourTranslation, which launched today, offers peer-to-peer translation that eliminates the middleman and connects those seeking translation of any type with 1000’s of freelance translators all over the world. By eliminating the middlemen, they are able to offer their services at much lower costs than competitors. The picture up top shows how this works.

According to the Three Innovators: “The service is aimed at people who need low-cost and fast translation services starting from just several words. It could be a businessman who needs to send an e-mail to a client, a company that wishes to translate it’s website into several languages and even a student wants to send SMS to a foreign colleague.”

Yaron Kaufman, CEO of Three Innovators adds: “Many people refrained in the past from using translation services because they found them too costly”…”We can now offer a solution that is accessible to everyone”…”With the new service, on-line publishers, businesspeople, and companies can offer their content to various audiences in different places around the world adding thus new potential customers.”

For more info see the article in Forbes.


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