Jerusalem Adopts New Water-Saving Technology

streamcontrol.jpgStreamControl has developed a product that saves water by controlling the pressure within municipal water pipes. Apparently this may solve a big problem that afflicts countries with chronic water shortages, such as Israel. Only 60-80% of water that is pumped through a city is actually used, according to Yozmot HaEmek, the incubator developing StreamControl, since the rest leaks out of the water pipes as a result of pressure overload. The Smart Pressure Reduction Controller (SPRC), as the device is known, automatically sets the pressure according to water demand in real time, so that when demand is low, the pressure is lower, and less water leaks out.

According to Globes, Jerusalem, which has already successfully tested a beta version of SPRC, is now developing a pilot project for Gihon Jerusalem Water Corporation, Israel’s largest water and sewage company. The project should help appease water shortage problems which are an ever-increasing concern for Israel.

Water shortage problems are not unique to large desert countries, however. According to StreamControl’s portfolio page “there has been a steady aggravation of the problem of water supply in the world at large. No longer merely the concern of arid regions, the problem has spread to most countries as a result of the increase in the density of the population and of the pollution of water resources. Even in countries with plenty of water, supplying the required amount and quality of drinking water has become problematic.”

aqau.jpgCurrent methods of dealing with water-leakage problems are large-scale replacement of pipes or introduction of complex command-and-control systems, both of which are expensive, complicated and disruptive to daily life. StreamControl’s SPRC may be a simpler, more cost-effective way of dealing with a looming problem.

The company has recenty raised $250,000 from Shari Arison, the controlling shareholder in Bank Hapoalim and one of Israel’s richest citizens (#194 in the world according to Forbes).

For more check out the StreamControl portfolio page at Yozmot HaEmek.


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