Targetech’s Newest Project: Neatcall

targetech.gifTargetech Innovation Center, which changed its name from Target Technology Center (probably to avoid problems with behemoth retailer Target), is a “new privatized dynamic high-technology center located in Israel.” Managed by experienced CEO Azriel Kadim, Targetech is basically a high-tech incubator located in Netanya that provides new start-ups an environment which “allows them to develop into viable profitable business realities.” They take “a forceful approach to developing new technologies and products, nurturing ideas into products in a timeframe of two years.”

Its newest project is Neatcall, “a unique and innovative technological project, which aims to improve the efficiency of mobile users, and to turn the mobile phone into a real business device.” According to its press release: “Neatcall solutions will reduce telephone tags and enable mobile users to easily initiate, set and deliver communications with others, who use any device, application or network. This will make the conferencing more effective, much easier and timesaving.”

For more info check out the rather short press release.


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