Israeli VC’s Invest $4.25M in U.S.-Based Proficiency

proficiency.pngIsrael’s Catalyst Investment, along with Carmel Ventures and Pitango Venture Capital have invested $4.25M in Boston-based Proficiency, a “leading developer of solutions that enable manufacturers and their suppliers to extract and share product knowledge from diverse engineering and manufacturing environments.”

According to Yair Shamir, CEO of Catalyst, “Proficieny has revolutionized the way people view their product when it is sent as a 3-D model from one CAD computer workstation to another.” Catalyst said its network of connections in the aerospace and automotive industries would help Proficiency expand its reach to new users.

What is Catalyst Investment? According to their website:

“Catalyst Funds are Israeli-based private equity funds investing in mature technology-related companies that are in pre-IPO, expansion, buyouts, or turnaround phases”. They target companies that answer market needs with high-growth potential in Europe and North America. “Our goal is to provide maturing companies with the necessary resources to attain global leadership in their respective market sectors.”

For more info check out Proficiency’s press release

Or this article (in Hebrew) from Globes.


One Response

  1. They have not revolutionized anything! They have been at this so long they have only proven the problem is something people jsut don’t seem to need a solution for…

    It is amazing that any money would still flow into this company.

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